What if I don't know how much my legal question should cost?

Lawger is a market based system, so only post a case at a price you are willing and able to pay—the market will determine the correct price. If you don't find a good match, that may be an indication that the bid range is too low. Please keep in mind that lawyers regularly bill at rates ranging from $150-$1000 (or more) per hour depending on their experience. For helpful guidance, use the Laffey Index—a pricing index used by the US Government that is based on the lawyer's years of experience.

What kind of lawyers are on Lawger?

All kinds! Lawger welcomes lawyers of all specialties, insofar as they are in good standing with their state bar.

What if the matter is more expensive than originally thought?

Lawyers are encouraged to clarify the legal issues with potential clients prior to bidding. Also, the lawyer may submit their own terms of service prior to taking the case, which may clarify the lawyer's ability to perform at the proposed price. However, all bids are intended to be good-faith estimates only. Lawger does not enforce private agreements.

Does Lawger violate Rule 5.4(a) of the MRPC regarding fee splitting?

No. Lawger collects a fee for the use of its transactional technology, not for referrals. Lawger is not a referral service. Lawger does not collect a fee based on the matter awarded. Lawger's technology fee is a percentage of the transaction because we incur costs relative to the dollar amount processed (credit card transaction fees, merchant fees, etc.) Paid subscription packages are also available to effectively allow "bulk" pre-paid transactions at lower rates.


If you have any questions for us—please don't hesitate to send us an email: support@lawger.com