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Tuesday, 03 February 2015 00:00

Lawger Takes 2nd in Colligan User Interface Design Challenge!

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We're proud to say that the new prototype for Lawger 2.0 wowed the judges at the Colligan User Interface Design Challenge (aka the "Duck Tank") at the University of Oregon! For us, there's no question that the law will be experiencing a complete metamorphisis in the in the near future, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this paradigm shift.  Our new interface re-imagines how machine learning, law, and design will intersect to make legal help an intuitive, friendly, and visually appealing  experience.


Coming from the university synonymous for product design, (See: Nike) we were thrilled to be competitors,  let alone top contenders in the final round. 


Thank you Ed Colligan, and the University of Oregon School of Architecture and Allied Arts for hosting this fantastic event.


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