Alec Hankins, Founder.

JD 2015 at the University of Oregon School of Law, Managing Editor of the Oregon Law Review. Humanist, humorist, surfer...ist.

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So what's Lawger all about?

Over 50% of middle class Americans and 80% of low income earners have one or more legal problems and no access to an attorney. What's worse, most of the issues affecting people are legally routine—any lawyer could solve these problems quickly and affordably, if only clients and lawyers could find each other.

Lawger was created to make legal help as easy as possible. We use smart design and transparent pricing to make the whole process better—for everyone. Lawger's technology connects people more efficiently than ever before, so legal help is quick and affordable.

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Legal help is a breeze when everything makes sense. We take out as much "legalese" as possible and incorporate cutting edge design to make hiring a lawyer as easy as ordering a pizza.

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We know this stuff is hard. If you have any questions or doubts—contact us! Rest easy knowing real people are ready to help you. Just call (307) 352-9437 or email.

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Every legal issue is unique, and everyone has different needs. With Lawger the price, terms, and deadlines, are completely negotiable.

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Lawger adapts perfectly to all device resolutions like mobile phones and tablets—giving you access to legal help wherever you are.